Climbing products have either been ungodly expensive or a poor simulation of a real rock face. Toyworks to the rescue with a realistic climbing product for $7,495. Toyworks presents an 18’ x 10’ portable rock climbing wall that sets up in 25 minutes and is actually like climbing a rock (not vinyl bricks). Using custom rock forms, the wall has a number of routes and is therefore fun for all levels of climbers. Two participants climb side by side, racing each other all the way to the top where they hit a buzzer to signal victory. Both climbers are supported by a proven safety belay system.
Real Rock Wall Shot
Toyworks' Bolts


Hey, how big is this thing?
  • The recommended playing area is approximately 18' x 10'
  • 18' tall!
How are we going to move this puppy?
  • It comes in its own cart for storage and transport to whel into position easily

How many staff are needed to operate this bad boy?
  • Two people are needed to setup, transport and operate the Rock Wall
Whataya get?
  • 4 - custome rock panels
  • All steel necessary for structure
  • 3 - Harnesses
  • 2 - Climbing ropes
  • 2 - Pulleys
  • 2 - Gri Gri's for belaying
  • Steel cart for storing & moving your wall!
  • (Actually fits through a standard doorway)
  • Electronic Buzzers
How much juice does this baby need?
  • None!
How many dudes get to party?
  • 60 people per hour can climb