Soccer Shoot Out

Soccer or "football" as the rest of the world calls it, is the most popular sport on the planet. The US Women's team won the 1999 World Cup in an electrifying shootout with the Chinese team. Anyone who saw this amazing finish was mesmerized by the one on one duel between the goalkeepers and the shooters. Now you can re-live the excitement with Soccer Shoot Out, a fast paced battle between two participants. The shooter stands behind the ball launcher while the goalkeeper takes his or her position in front of the goal. The referee's whistle is blown and the excitement begins! The shooter begins randomly pulling on levers, pneumatically firing the safe foam balls at the goal. Both the balls and goal are covered in Velcro so if the goalkeeper fails to stop the shot it sticks to the goal and signifies a score. Once all the balls have been shot, the goalkeeper and the shooter change positions. The person with the highest number of goals wins! Ages four and up can play. The incredible popularity of soccer worldwide and recently in the US is indisputable. This will be one of your most popular rentals, and is small enough to be played inside or out

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Hey, how big is this thing?
  • The launcher is 3'x2'x2.5' (Comes with locking wheels and weighs 165lbs.
  • The backdrop is 7'x7'
  • During operation the game requires a space of 20'x7'
How are we going to move this puppy?
  • The launcher rolls, comes with a vinyl cover and is shipped in a crate
  • The backdrop rolls up and stores in a vinyl bag with the frame
Whataya get?
  • Launcher
  • 8 balls with Velcro
  • Backdrop with frame
  • Incredible graphics on both the launcher and backdrop
  • Goggles and 2 paddles

How many staff are needed to operate this bad boy?
  • One person can setup and transport this game. Set up time is five minutes

How much juice does this baby need?
  • 1- ten amp circuit for the launcher

How many dudes get to party?
  • 120 per hour can play