No, this is not some lame game played by 95 year-old retirees aboard a floating hotel! Human Shuffleboard is a fusion of the staid cruise ship game and bumper cars. Participants form two teams. each team has two shuffles. The shuffles are three foot round vehicles that roll on friction-less wheels. The “board” is a 39’ x 15’ inflatable arena. Shuffle riders hop into their disks and are ready to be propelled down the board by players using custom shuffle pushers. The excitement comes from being bumped off a score box or off the sides of the arena by an opposing team’s shuffle!
Human Shuffleboard Shot
Toyworks' Bolts


Hey, how big is this thing?
  • The board is 39' x 15'
How are we going to move this puppy?
  • The four shuffles nest in pairs for easy transport

How many staff are needed to operate this bad boy?
  • One person can setup, transport and operate this game
Whataya get?
  • 4 - Shuffles
  • 2 - Pushers
  • Inflatable arena
  • Inflation fan
How much juice does this baby need?
  • 1 - twenty amp circuit to power the blower for the inflatable barrier
How many dudes get to party?
  • Eight people can play at a time and over 200 can play per hour