Don’t let its cute, unassuming appearance fool you; this game is a real killer if you’re not lightning fast. A player stands underneath a colorful array of whimsically curved poles. The opponent stands in front of a control panel pressing buttons in random order. This causes objects to fall and you have to think and react quickly to catch more than your competitor. This game can be themed many different ways by changing the backdrop and objects. Baseball, space alien, raindrop, and astronaut versions are available. Its small size, simple design and challenging play make it perfect for corporate fund raising, trade shows and team building events.
Reaction Attraction
Toyworks' Bolts


Hey, how big is this thing?
  • Tiny! 9' x 5'
  • (Can event fit in a Trade Show Booth)
How are we going to move this puppy?
  • It folds up and rolls on built-in wheels!
  • Stores in a 3' x 4' space

How many staff are needed to operate this bad boy?
  • One person can setup, transport and operate this game
Whataya get?
  • Backdrop (changes based on theme)
  • Eight of whatever theme you choose
  • Steel Platform with colorful array of steel poles
  • Control Panel and all electronics
How much juice does this baby need?
  • 1 - ten amp circuit to power this game
How many dudes get to party?
  • 180 people per hour can play