Brand New and it's hot! Soccer Shoot Out

Soccer Shoot Out

The referee's whistle is blown and the excitement begins! The shooter begins randomly pulling on levers, pneumatically firing the safe foam balls at the goal.
Brand New and it's hot! Attack of the Killer Bees

Attack of the Killer Bees

What a great, inexpensive way to entertain children at any event! Simulated bees are sent up a beautiful, 14' tube, propelled into the air...

Brand New and it's hot! Reaction Attraction

Reaction Attraction

Don't let this cute, unassuming appearance fool you; this game is a real killer if you're not lightning fast. This game can be themed many different ways by changing the backdrops and objects.

All time favorite! Bungee Bull Ride

Bungee Bull Ride

Ride'em Cowboy! Remember the mechanical bull craze, Urban Cowboy, John Travolta and all the hubbub? The mechanical bull disappeared due to the number of Chiropractors it kept in business Well it's back, it's safe and it's interactive. Yeeeehah!

Brand New and it's hot! Real Rock Wall

Real Rock Wall

Using custom rock forms, this wall has a number of routes and is therefore fun for all levels of climbers.

Excellent Team Play Game! Strata Ball

Strata Ball

Our newest invention, Strata Ball adds a whimsical appearance to any event. The game is played with 4 - 10' tall cylinders colored red, blue, green and yellow. Four - 4' diameter super bouncy balls (one of each color) are distributed to the teams.

Watch your's HOT! Drag Race

Drag Race

You have never seen anything like it! Two competitors line up on the starting line of dual 40' long runways; complete with highway lines and road signs. The game is both competitive and hilarious.

Great Game! Rescue at Sea

Rescue at Sea

Frolicking jet skiers cavort and play in shark infested waters and your team is charged with rescuing the intellectually challenged Barbies with a helicopter before they're gobbled whole by a famished Great White.

Way Cool....NO, IT's HOT! Human Shuffleboard

Human Shuffleboard

Shuffle riders hop into their disks and are ready to be propelled down the board by players using custom shuffle pushers.

Don't get bitten! Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy

Remember Jaws, the movie? Remember how you had second thoughts about going for a swim in the ocean? Well you may just feel that way again after playing with the latest contraption from Toyworks. The game is very kinetic and fun for all ages.