Introducing a brand new and very different kind of interactive game company…

As our name suggests we build toys and in turn . Simply stated, Toyworks provides unique and innovative products of exceptional quality, delivered on time and backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Our "Guaranteed Delivery Date Program" (GDDP or "giddy-up!"), an industry first, will send a powerful message about our commitment to service and a wake up call to other game manufacturers.

At Toyworks customer service and your satisfaction is paramount. We will get it right the first time and we will always be there for you… always! Novel concept, huh? The bar has been raised, a new standard set, and we look forward to working with you throughout the coming years as we dazzle you with our clever and inventive products.

Imagine a knowledgeable, professional office staff capable of addressing all your questions regarding our products and your order. We have been on the other side of the fence as a buyer of interactive games and know first hand your frustrations with idle promises. Picture a hassle free relationship with arguably your most important vendor. This is our pledge.

Our company's credo is simple: Treat your customers and clients so they trust, honor and respect you. Sound a little like a marriage? Well it really is. You will rely on us and we will perform! We are the manufacturer of all that we sell, not the distributor. This means we control our own destiny and are solely responsible for keeping our word. Our commitment to you is real; and a rare thing these days.

Our warranty program is simple. A full one year warranty including parts and service on all of our products. (Normal wear and tear accepted. Misuse or treatment of the product in a manner in which the product was not intended will void the warranty. Shipping costs not included.)

The Guaranteed Delivery Date Program (Giddy-up!) is an innovative approach to addressing the concerns of rental companies. The problem: How do you rent a new game to one of your customers prior to receiving said game from the manufacturer? In the past you were left with a lot of broken promises and way too much stress. The answer: Finally a game manufacturer is willing to put their money where their mouth is! When you place an order with Toyworks we will provide you with a "guaranteed ship date'. We will ship by this date, if not we'll provide a 1% discount for every business day your game is delayed! That's called "stepping up to the plate".

Of course we will grant generous discounts on multiple game orders. Remember Toyworks provides inventive, unique attractions of the highest quality. Beware of the invariable cheap knock-off from disreputable vendors; they are not what they appear. Please peruse our brochure and place your orders now because they're flying in fast and it's going to be a wild, wild year!