Experience the thrill of a "termination" or be eradicated in a networked computer game environment, where even the best of friends become bitter rivals. High-resolution 3D graphics on oversized monitors and surround sound with sub woofers will transform you and up to seven of your other "friends" into futuristic warriors. Combatants battle each other with all forms of high tech weaponry in a three-dimensional world of mazes, secret rooms and arenas. The computers and servers used have massive amounts of memory to insure the action is fast and furious.

This system is the latest in immersion entertainment and blows away any VR system currently on the market. Since all the players are in the same room without constraining headgear and cables, you'll all yell and shout, wince and laugh together. We've made the controls super-simple to operate, so even a novice will have a shot at "exterminating" a seasoned player. During the game, players really lose their "heads" as they overcome common barriers. So when the battle ends, even foes become friends as they talk about the wild experience of state of the art networked gaming.