Zappy Racers


Remember cruising the neighborhood on those two-wheeled push scooters as a kid? Well, we’ve taken this classic kids ride and put some meat on it! We hopped it up and installed a powerful electric motor to propel you effortlessly around a racetrack. These little scooters are very maneuverable and unbelievably fun. Three racers compete on an oval track at speeds up to 10 mph. Your balance, speed and agility are all tested as you race for a coveted spot in victory lane. All participants’ wear kneepads, elbow pads and helmets. This game must be operated on a level, smooth surface, free of loose gravel. The racetrack is 30’ x 55’ but can be modified slightly. One 15 amp circuit is required to charge the batteries and one staff member is provided. You must be twelve years of age or older to participate. Over 60 riders can play per hour.

Dimensions (in ft.): 30' x 55' (Varies)