Our newest invention, Strata Ball adds a whimsical appearance to any event. The game is played with 4 - 10' tall cylinders colored red, blue, green and yellow. Four - 4' diameter super bouncy balls (one of each color) are distributed to the teams. The starter blows his whistle and the race is on! The first team member begins dribbling one of the 52" diameter, super-pressurized balls through a series of cones towards the cylinders. Once you reach the towers where the rest of your team is waiting, you bounce the ball up to the rim of the corresponding colored cylinder and your teammates try to assist by tapping it in. But beware, if the ball drops in to the wrong colored cylinder you must eject it and bounce it again until it lands in the matching one. Once it does, the next team member runs to the start line, grabs a new ball and dribbles it through the cones to the cylinders until all four of the balls are in their proper color-coded cylinders. The excitement, fun and challenge comes from the fast action, total team involvement, and the fact that the balls bounce like crazy; as much as 40 feet into the air! A myriad of other games can be played utilizing this wonderfully innovative new device. Ask us about the various alternatives. One staff member is provided and over 100 people per hour can play.

Dimensions (in ft.): 50 x 20 x 30h