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Frolicking jet skiers cavort and play in shark infested waters and your team is charged with rescuing the intellectually challenged Barbies with a helicopter before they're gobbled whole by a famished Great White. That's the premise of this crazy new game from Total Rebound. Four coptor pilots must operate their HCD (helicopter controlling device) in unison to guide the coast guard rescue chopper into position. The system uses a series of cranks, pulleys and ropes to control the airship. The rescuee's (Barbie dolls in beach wear), must be airlifted out and placed safely on our tropical Island where palm trees, Ken and GI Joe await. However time is of the essence because, circling around our helpless survivors, is Sammy the Shark quite intent on gobbling up our hopelessly oblivious jet skiers. The shark is trying to devour our innocent victims and make them fish food before the chopper team can airlift our surfer girls to safety. Rescue at Sea can be modified for almost any theme just by changing the backdrop and rescuee's. Call for more information and to rent this awesome game. (And please hurry. We don't like to leave GI Joe, Ken and the Barbie's alone in our warehouse with nothing to do!) The game can process over 150 people per hour and one staff member is provided.

Dimensions (in ft.): 15 x 15 x 9h