Finally a laser tag game that delivers all the fun of larger more costly systems at 1/3 the price! Our inflatable, mini laser tag maze is similar to other laser games but smaller in scope. Designed to handle 10 to 12 children at a time, this arena (5'5'' tall), can also be used by six to eight adults. The inflatable is full of corridors, alleys, dead ends and obstructions perfect for hiding from your enemy. The guns are small electronic marvels that keep track of the number of shots remaining, number of hits etc. When a player is hit, light and sound alarms go off and the vest vibrates. Exceeding the maximum number of hits causes the gun to automatically signal annihilation with light and sound and shuts down. The fun factor of our mini laser tag arena is huge. 80 people can play per hour and one staff member is provided. Rent our mini laser tag game soon and enjoy the fun of laser tag at an affordable price.

Dimensions (in ft.): 20 x 30