Micro Daytona Banked Oval Racing

This is the Porsche of miniature car racing. With a 30' x 20' banked oval track and four, indestructible, perfect replica stock cars, this is the game for anyone who likes fast action and some serious bumping in the turns. Players have their own "cockpit" with a full size steering wheel and shifter. Racers maneuver their cars around the oval avoiding pile-ups and "Sunday" drivers. The races involve a lot of spins, crashes, near misses and ultimately the checkered flag. Highly addictive, the realistic game play leaves you longing for those Day's of Thunder. 1998 is NASCAR's 50th anniversary, so rent Micro Daytona now to celebrate big. 100 people per hour can play and one staff member is provided.

Dimensions (in ft.): 30 x 20