No, this not some lame game played by 95 year-old retiree's aboard a floating hotel! Human Shuffleboard is a fusion of this staid cruise ship game and bumper cars. Participants form two teams. Each team has two shuffles. The shuffles are 3 foot round vehicles that roll on frictionless wheels. The "board" is a 39' by 15' inflatable arena. Shuffle riders get strapped in to their disks and are ready to be propelled down the board by players using custom shuffle poles. Standard shuffleboard rules and scoring apply. The excitement comes from being bumped off a score box or off the sides of the arena by an opposing team's shuffle! 12 can play at a time and over 80 can play per hour. Bon Voyage and happy sailing! Bon Voyage and happy sailing!

Dimensions (in ft.): 42 x 18