Wink Martindale and Bob Barker never had it so good. Our new portable game show is a marvel of modern technology. Virtually any type of quiz show can be played in individual or team modes. The features of our system truly mimic the game shows you see on TV. A glitter curtain backdrop, four podiums with backlit lighting, lock out buttons, gooseneck microphones and scoring displays are included. The game show host is a key element and our's is hysterical. We run everything from the master console and since the system is totally computer controlled, scoring, sound bites and lockouts are virtually automatic. We include thousands of questions from a myriad of categories stored on CD-ROM so contestants can respond to questions that reference famous voices, speeches, songs, etc. We can also customize the game to specifically relate to your company or product. Already a huge team building favorite, call to bring game show mania to your events soon. We promise no "lovely parting gifts" for the losers! Over 100 per hour can play and one hilarious host is provided.

Dimensions (in ft.): 12 x 12