Cabernet Chaos

Grape stomping in oak barrels is an age-old practice for making wine, but in our interactive version, when the juices start flowing so does the Chaos! Teams compete against one another, frantically stomping real wine grapes as fast as they can. Each team must guide their magical elixir down a copper trough into a carafe riding on a cart. The cart glides along an 8' teeter-totter and rolls back and forth based on the balancing talents (or lack there of) of the team members. If the team can balance well, their carafe stops moving, thus making it easier to collect the flowing juice. With four people on the teeter-totter (two on either side), they'll need to work together to keep it balanced. Bonus juice is added through an ingenious system that rewards the team with better equilibrium. The team with the most juice at the end of the round is the winner. This is a grape game for building communication and team coordination. Seven team members can compete at a time or up to fourteen per station. By running the competition in heats, everyone gets a chance to play. We've squeezed a lot of fun into this Wine Country Classic. Join us for the craziest crush ever.

Dimensions (in ft.): 20 x 20