Bungee Basketball is a variation of our Human Slingshot. Participants run down the 35' inflatable with a mini-basketball. At the end of the runway is an adjustable basketball backboard and hoop. Players race down the inflatable as far as possible to improve their shooting position to make the basket.

Bungee Jeopardy uses the same rules as the popular TV show. Answers must be in the form of a question. The host announces the category and participants must decide how much money to wager. Bungee runners race down the inflatable runway attempting to grab the "cash" they want to be. The host then asks the question and the players independently write down the answer on dry erase boards. If correct, they win the amount they have wagered. If wrong the dollars are deducted. The player with the most money wins. One staff member is provided and 50 to 60 people per hour can play.


Dimensions (in ft.): 35 x 12